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E.L.P (Essential Lifestyle Plan)

This tool is the detailed way QCA uses to get to know what is important to our residents in order to better serve them. We strongly believe that the services we provide must respond to our resident’s aspirations.

Our services are shaped to treat residents with dignity and encourage them to regain self-esteem rather than feeling worthless or rejected. Dignity, Safety, and Well being are our tenets.  At QCA, we give residents the chance to explore possible opportunities and then help them to plan on how to achieve their goals. Our philosophy is based on active listening.

P.F.P. (Personal Futures Planning)

Personal Futures Planning is about people's VISION of what they want to achieve in the future. This tool is mostly used in training our residents in various life skills and connect them to community resources. We value our residents’ skills, their talents, and mostly their abilities. At QCA we encourage residents to identify their strengths and use them positively. We believe that everyone has something to offer to his/her community.

At Quality Care Access we believe in empowering residents and assist them to navigate the social-financial-educational-and vocational settings. 

We hold our residents' hands and do things with them depending on everyone's physical, emotional, and behavioral strengths. No strength is too little to be used to enjoy community life to its fullest - We use whatever a person brings with him/her to lift them up to the next level toward self-reliance. 

P.C.P. (Person-Centered-Planning)

Every resident is at the center of his/her plan - All service rendered evolve around  residents' goals and objectives.

Our staff are qualified in a variety of professions - they assist residents to make achievable plans, goals, and objectives. 

​Our Model is that we first listen to each resident - Then as a team, we design a pathway to assist each individual to achieve those goals as they are described in the Person Centered Plan (PCP). 

During this process, the resident is on driver's seat - The rest of the team is there to support and guide.

Holistic Approach

At Quality Care Access, a resident is considered and viewed as a whole person. Our therapeutic model builds on a holistic aspect. 

Our Behavioral Treatment Model takes into account the physical needs, emotional well-being, safe environment - past and present trauma of each of our residents.

Quality Care Access collaborates with other stakeholders and teams that are involved in the lives of our residents. 

Quality Care Access facilitates and encourages residents to be involved in their communities - Our staff plan with residents for outings and other social events.

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