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QCA serves individuals from 18 years and plus. We serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities or autism disorders consistent with the Home and Community Based Benefit programs identified in the MaineCare Benefits Manual (10-104 Ch. 101, Ch. II Section 20, 21, and 29).  


We serve people who are qualified and eligible to receive services under MaineCare Benefits Waiver programs, and those who can prove their financial ability to be self-payees.


QCA will make efforts to accommodate residents who need urgent placement.

We always put residents' needs FIRST. 

Intake Process

Upon receiving a vendor call, QCA’ staff will make a follow up as soon as possible to determine if QCA is the best fit for the resident.

The next step will be  to set up date and time of an initial meeting and the initial home visit. In this meeting both QCA’ staff, the Case Manager, and the individual and/or guardians will clarify any information that needs to be communicated for both QCA, the potential resident, and guardian, if applicable. The individual will be encouraged to visit the house. 


Once the individual decides about the house, the moving in process will begin. 

Copies of physician’s orders for any medications a resident is taking must be presented at the time of admission. It is QCA’s policy to not maintain a waiting list for services. In light of this, QCA may need up to fourteen days to secure staff for new residents. However, QCA will make efforts by working closely with the potential resident, his/her guardians and/or case manager to accommodate residents who need urgent placement.

For referral questions and clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Phone: 207-550-5940 or 207-303-7725


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