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Our goal is to have a community where everyone is safe, receives services of high quality in total dignity to enjoy life in its abundance.

We are dedicated to maintaining the safety of the people we support while out in the community or in their residential homes.

QCA believes that every person has undeniable potential that he/she should be able to explore for the interest of the community. That is why we strongly believe in empowering the people we serve by helping them to explore and to utilize their talents and opportunities.

We believe every employee will embrace this noble cause in devoting himself or herself to assisting and supporting each resident to make good judgments regarding their safety and the safety of the community, and to be valuable contributing members of their community. 


  • Serve people with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum

  • Provide safe environment for people who may be victims of neglect or abuse

  • Care about the future of individuals by connecting them to the community resources

  • Enable community integration of people with intellectual disabilities and/or autism 

  • Enhance collaboration between residents, families, and the agency

  • Promote the quality of services by considering residents’ needs first

  • Train residents in various life skills based on their inherent capacities and well-being.

  • Promote health care of every resident through individualized Person-Centered Planning (PCP).

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